Mercury T-4 racing vs OMC V-8 racing..Cincinnati GP 1984…

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After a summer-long legal battle, Mercury and OMC reached an out-of-court settlement a month before the Cincinnati GP which allowed the Merc T-4s to compete against the V-8s on a one race, experimental basis.
Here is the full story..if you don’t want the read the full Powerboat story I can make it pretty short.
Mercury lost big time using the T-4 and the Wizard..(with twin Merc V6 powerheads)
Ben Robertson won in his #57 Burgess/Johnson V8. Barry Woods second in his #35 Molinari/Evinrude V8
After the race one of the OMC’s corporate executives couldn’t help but mutter under his breath after watching
the T-4’s self-destruct:
“They (Mercury) have been suing us all summer” he said in hushed tones, ” do you think we could bring a case against them for fraud?”
Thanks Mark Spencer

OZ Class racing St. Louis 1974. A mix of Merc V6, OMC V6 and 2 Rotary’s..

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Very interesting outboard racing history from 1974. The OZ class World Championship race in St. Louis, MO  had 13 boats ready to race. 5 with Merc V6 T-3 power, 2 OMC Rotary’s, 2 Johnson V6 Stingers  and 4 Evinrude V6 Super Stranglers.
Barry Woods in his Scotti boat powered by the Evinrude Rotary was by far the fastest boat. Won the first two heats but barrel-rolled in the third when he was leading handing the victory to Bob Hering.
Now we all understand better why Team Mercury successfully was lobbing so hard to ban the OZ class  in the Paris 6 hour race later same year..!!



OMC V-8 hit’s the U.S. Pittsburgh 1982

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Three Rivers Regatta in Pittsburgh 1982.
This race was the first F1-V8 event in the U.S. and I was there watching.
I have never seen so many spectators and was told over 300,000..!!
The event was a great success and at the end of the weekend Renato Molinari took the big check to the bank Monday morning.
I went back to Europe and after a long meeting with George Lamy at OMC we had a deal for me to race the F1-V8 world series 1983 including the two U.S. races. (Minneapolis and Pittsburgh)

Jimbo McConnell in the #191 black Molinari did not make it the the end of the race.


Thanks Mark Spencer.

Volvo Penta should also purchase the Evinrude division from BRP.

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Volvo Penta should also purchase the Evinrude division from BRP.
Merge Seven Marine and Evinrude into one outboard brand.
Figure out the smartest and best name and Volvo Penta have a complete outboard lineup..
From 5 HP up to 627 HP and soon diesels.
I should get some commission out of this..!!

Volvo Penta becomes majority owner of innovative outboard motor manufacturer Seven Marine.

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