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Cesare Scotti’s winning #33 boat in Havasu 1969

Carina and Mike Mull. Mike is the owner of Cesare Scotti’s winning #33 boat in Havasu 1969 powered by twin Evinrude V4 Starflite SS.
This is the Evinrude brochure 1971.
Pretty nice
1971 0
1971 2 1971 


Yamaha F1 V-6 race motor from late 1980s

Yamaha F1  V-6 race motor from late 1980s

This is really cool. Thanks Ray Anderson for the pictures.

Now we need Yamaha Outboards to get involved in Formula One Boat Racing again.

I am ready to start a team..!!

Yam 0 Yam 1 Yam 2 Yam 3 Yam 4 Yam 5 Yam 6 Yam 7

Team Kemetyl Racing in victory lane.

Today Marcus Friberg and co-pilot  Anton Skwirut won the V-300 class in Roslagsloppet Offshore race.

This year the Team Kemetyl Racing #27 Nitra/Evinrude G2 250H.O. had enough fuel on board to reach the finish line in this long race.

Last year the X-27 was leading the race but run out of fuel a few miles before the checkered flag.

Well done and  congratulations to Marcus that just became a proud dad.

Fri 1 Fri 2 Fri 3 Fri 4


Roslagsloppet Offshore Race 2016 – Overall winner and result.

Marcus Johnsson/Jussi Myllymäki of Finland drove his C-101 Twister/Merc 200XS to the overall win in Roslagsloppet Offshore race outside Stockolm, Sweden today.
— with Marcus Johnsson and Mercury Racing.
Thanks  Hans Gustavsson and Stig Zigge Wirgart Sjölander
for pictures.
A link to Expressen. A Swedish newspaper.
Ros 0 Ros 1 Ros 2 Rosis 4 Rosis 5
Peter Forsberg with co-pilot Johan Magnusson drove his #Z-71 boat with Evinrude 150 H.O. power to victory in the V-150 class. (For some reason the V-150 class is not in the result above)
Edit 8/8/2016 Result V150 Class
Result V150
Note: Peter have raced the Z-71 boat six times this year and been in the winner’s circle six times. Hard to beat that record.
Peter forsberg
71 0 71 2

Mats Lindstedt: The overall winner of Roslagsloppet 1996.

Today Mats and is family visited us here in Saint Lucie West and lots of memories was flying thru my head.
Really fun to see him after many years away from Sweden.
Mats dad Leif hired me as a little boy to promote his new little “Tollare Jollen” with a 10 hp outboard.
He asked me to drive around at the local marinas so people could see his new little row boat with “Tollare Jollen” written on the side..
Well..Leif got phone calls and complains from the marinas about this young boy driving his little boat way to fast..!! I was not fired but was told to slow down..
Mats was working for his dad building production Tollare Boats and later started to race Offshore in Sweden.
1996 Mats drove his own design X-36 Tollare Racing/Merc 2.5 liter to the overall victory in famous Roslagloppet.

Thanks for visiting Mats and you have a very nice family.

Lind 1Lind 1.0

Lind 4 Lind 3

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