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The great Italian F1-V8 racer Kicco Vidoli.

So many very good memories from racing Kicco in the F3 and the F1-V8 class.
A gentleman and a very tough driver. Always with a smile on his face.
Kicco won in F3 and F1-V8 1985 driving the #19 Molinari/Nordica/Evinrude V8.
We lost Kicco a few years ago in a boating accident but he will always be remembered as a good friend.
A mix of pictures.

vidoli-1 vidoli-1a vidoli-2 vidoli-2a vidoli-3 vidoli-4 vidoli-5 vidoli-6 vidoli

A visit from “Super” Bertil Wik yesterday.

We started racing in Sweden back in the early seventies.
We both used Evinrude outboards in the Offshore E class and circuit SE class.
Even raced the famous Roslagsloppet Offshore Race together in my Piraya/Evinrude FT-19s in 1976.
Pretty funny to think back..Bertil lost the paper chart in the start but we found the way to Oregrund anyway..and was to early, the race headquater in Oregrund did not expect us up there so fast. Our #1 Piraya was flying.
Bertil was then racing Mariner for many years and got the nickname Super-Bertil.
Winning everything in the SD class.
After that a Mariner V6 in the FONDA series and won races in the ON class

In 1985 Bertil raced the F1-V8 class with Pro-One and did win the Belgium GP in Antwerpen.
Bertil was extremely good as a driver and did know how to get a tunnel race boat to go fast.
Thanks for stopping by Bertil.


Me and Bertil to the right.

114 piraya-ft-19s-bertil-wik

The Piraya with me and Bertil 1976


Bertil in his Hodges/Evinrude F1-V8 1985. I think this is the London GP.

str-wik-2 wik-2

Some reading from Bertil’s F1-V8 win in Antwerpen 1985.


More Bertil Wik racing here:

BERTIL WIK..First time – First place..World Grand Prix powerboat race 1983


Jackie Wilson’s Hodges/Cosworth V8 from 1978

The first four pictures is from Tavares, Florida last weekend, next picture is me and Jackie having a good time in the Tavares Sandbar.

Last two is from Bristol 1978

This boat was raced by Jackie in Bristol and some other places in Europe 1978.  Jackie finished fourth overall in Bristol but could not keep up with the outboard powered boats in the same OZ class.

Later Jackie even raced the boat in the USA.

cos-1 cos-2 cos-3 cos-4

me-jack cos-5 cos-6



Key West Offshore racing November 2016

A mix of pictures from the famous Offshore race.

The old name was the World Finals.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

9 9a 9b 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

14937220_10209560972914088_4458436825357944062_n 14956548_10209560973194095_3105175491440387677_n 15027407_10209560972474077_7587055478427374553_n 15027484_10209560972434076_6515074577185589459_n 15027693_10209560961633806_8789748107694926548_n 15027945_10209560963713858_6630010490467060681_n 15032183_10209560961313798_5415103145741587741_n 15032256_10209560970074017_7197739855833625568_n 15036529_10209562164903887_6100929346190681167_n 15036600_10209560972394075_2194955601318081980_n 15036723_10209562164783884_3658781889899668701_n 15055624_10209560961953814_6832533661780092918_n

hammeer-1 hammeer

img_7986 img_7984 img_7983

Offshore Team WHM #5 put Trump in the winners circle Friday in Key West.
Another victory for our President Elect..🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🏻👍🏻

Finally the Galeon Yachts have arrived at MarineMax, Lake of the Ozarks.

Finally the Galeon Yachts have arrived at MarineMax Lake of the Ozarks.
This 445 HTS is perfect and have a very modern design. I can see “Larina Yacht” on the transom..!!..😀👍🏻
— at MarineMax Missouri.

gal-1 gal-2 gal-3 gal-4 gal-5

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