F1-V8 Pictures mixed

Lasse Strom drove his #8 Aspen Burgess F1-V8 to his first Formula I heat victory.

Lots of F1-V8 pictures ..!!..Click on the picture to make them bigger…Enjoy.

Allan Nimmo #5  Castrol/Velden /Johnson V8 1983 below.

Cees Van Der Velden #1..Velden/Johnson V8.. 1985 below

Picture by: Team 27, Hydroplane Racing Team

Bob Spalding and Bertil Wik to the right close to the boat. 1985

My F1-V8 Burgess #8 in Stockholm GP 1984

Ben Robertson Boat # 57

Renato Molinari 1982

Lasse Ström Aspen/Burgess/Evinrude F1/V8 1983

Arthur Mostert in Chattanooga Tennessee
The Winner..
Renato Molinari …Martini/Evinrude F1-v8 1982Renato Molinari F1-V8 Idroscala, Milano 1985
Second Effort´s owner Gary G.
My Burgess #8 boat powered by Evinrude F1-V8  1984. Picture by Pelle Brolin
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Roger Jenkins  # 9 Carlsberg/Burgess/Evinrude V8..1984. Picture by Pelle Brolin
Bertil Wik to the left of Bob Spalding. The F1-V8 series 1985
Thanks Jane Spalding for the picture.220895_1884041112234_6226921_o
Bob Spalding #11 Martini/Molinari/Evinrude V8.. Idroscalo 1983


Bob Spalding and the  Evinrude V8.. 1985


Bob Spalnding # 11 Velden/Johnson V8..1982


Tom Percival # 10  ITC/Hodges/Evinrude V8..Stockholm GP 1984.. Picture by Pelle Brolin


Rick Frost #6 Burgess/Johnson V8.. Stockholm GP 1984..Picture by Pelle Brolin


Cees Van Der Velden #1 and #12 Francios Salabert,  Castrol/Molinari/Evinrude V8.. Stockholm GP 1984.. Picture by Pelle Brolin


Stockholm GP 1984..Picture by Pelle Brolin


Stockholm GP 1984..Picture by Pelle Brolin


Stockholm GP 1984..Picture by Pelle Brolin483451_504569796239933_817733769_n

Stockholm GP 1984..Picture by Pelle Brolin


Team Velden/ Benson & Hedges/  Johnson V8.. 1983


Francios Salabert #12 Aspen/Velden/Johnson V8 1982



Rick Frost #6 Trimite/Burgess/Johnson V8..1984


Bob Spalding Boat #11 on fire..big time..1985


F1-V8 Molinari/Evinrude two seater.
Photo: Marcello Curioni

529928_131010403740368_1467220034_n (Custom)

 Renato Molinari 1984

MMILAN (Custom)

Renato Molinari 1983

molle 83 (Custom)

Bill Marriott´s High Performance Offshore Evinrude V-8 engines used on a Skater cat.


Rick Frost won a heat in the  F1-V8 race in Pittsburgh 1984.

Driving his #6 Burgess/Johnson V8

Untitled - Copy (Custom)

Renatos new Evinrude cowling in Lyon, France 1984

18 (Custom)

This is from Lyon, France 1983..just before the start of the F1-V8 race..

My #8 Burgess/Aspen/Evinrude is next to #9 Roger Jenkins Burgess/Carlsberg/Evinrude.


Pittsburgh 1983 My second F1-V8 race in the USA went very well. (Picture below)

Qualified third and had a big fight in the race with Buck Thorton.
He was racing a Johnson V8
Buck lost the bottom of the boat and sank with only a few laps left.
I think we raced 50 minutes, but needed fuel for 1.5 hours.
Yellow flags etc..
Molinari won in his Molinari/Martini/Evinrude V8

A great race..but as always in Pittsburgh..very rough conditions.


A pretty unique picture..below
Barry Woods  #35 in a Seebold/Evinrude F1-V8

BW Seebold Evinrude V8

 From Powerboat Magazine April/1984 Issue


My Burgess/Aspen/Evinrude V8 1983 below. #8


The 1986 F1-V8 Champion Gene Thibodaux.
Boat #5 Second Effort/Johnson V8

F1-V8 V

#57  Ben Robertson the F1-V8 World Champ 1987.



Tom Henderson 1988
Boat #77..Second Effort/Best Western/Evinrude V8


F1-V8 #77

More F1-V8 racing.
Randy Pierson  driving a Burgess Evinrude (#36) with Seebold Cowls in
Toledo Ohio 1986.
(Roger Jenkins former boat)

Velden V8

Renato Molinari #165 racing at Bristol in 1982 – Photo: Graham Stevens


Ben Power head Twin Spark Plug heads

57 Record57 skrunkAllan Nimmo. Ben 2 5GuaiuaJM2Nimmo Baggioli

Cees and Ben.

Tom Percival #10 Hodges/Johnson V8
Bob Spalding #11 Velden/Johnson V8

10 11

Renato Molinari #165 Molinari/Martini/Evinrude V8 and Roger Jenkins #9 Burgess/Carlsberg/Evinrude V8 in Pittsburgh 1982.
Picture by Tim Schroer

p 82 p 821 p 822 p 823

LS F1v8 1985

Lasse Strom in his #8 Burgess/Evinrude F1-V8.
London GP 1985
Thank you Martin Trindall.
Paris 1984
The F1-V8 line up in Paris GP 1984.
My #8 Burgess/ITC/Evinrude boat is third from the right. Tom Percival and I was racing for the same sponsor. International Travel Card.
Photo credit unknown.
1982 World Champion Roger Jenkins in his #9 Burgess/Carlsberg/Evinrude F1-V8
Photo: Terry Weddell
Velden F1-V8 Racing 1985. Benson & Hedges was the main sponsor. Johnson Power.
Photo credit to Steve Read & Fast On Water.
Renato in his very expensive to built aluminium F1-V8 boat 1982
U-19 a brutal tunnel boat with 4 X Johnson F1-V8 engines.
Ben Robertson winning the F1-V8 race in Milan September 22 1985 driving the #57 Velden Racing/Stefanel/Johnson V8 to victory.
Picture by Lene Brandt Bjerknæs. Thank you.
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