My first and only F1-V8 race in a new Velden safety cockpit boat 1985.

Out of retirement..!!

In  the middle of the 1985 F1-V8 World series I dusted of my fast  Burgess without safety cockpit..charged the batteries..updated  the Evinrude V8..took it to the London GP to be part of the “mega money” series now promoted by Pro-One.

OMC gave Pro One a ton of money 1985 to get the series going again after all the set backs 1984.

I did not have the latest Evinrude V8 with the fuel injection and the 6 inch mid section, but my 1984 Evinrude V8 had plenty of power.
The Burgess was extremely fast on smooth water..but London Victoria Docks was always rough

Realized after a few laps in London..this is still crazy.. no more racing for me  without safety cell.

Hodges and Velden was now building new F1-V8 boats with safety cells and Pro One offered me to  drive one of  Team Veldens boats with safety cell in the Antwerpen, Belgium race.

Jumped in an airplane, heading for Antwerpen and started practice driving strapped in..a very different feeling. The new silver painted Velden boat was very nice built.
We worked on the cockpit seat to make it fit my body better, but  run out of time to get it 100% right before the race.

A very different and interesting race and maybe time to go back to full time F1-V8 racing 1986..
Well..went to the last race in Sevilla, Spain and was standing in the pit watching the 1985 F1-V8 World Champ Bob Spalding barrel roll in the turn..a very sad incident.
A few weeks later OMC pulled the plug on European F1-V8 racing after Pro One spent the 3 years promotion budget in one season..
I think over 4 close to 5 Million dollars..!!

The F1-V8 series went full time racing in the USA and that was the end for my F1-V8 racing.
Went back to drive  F-3 racing and some Offshore.
Antwerpen 85

Lars F1-V8 Antverpen 1985

Antwerpen 852

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