Pictures from the 1983 F1-V8 race in Sacramento CA.


Jimbo McConnell was the #1 OMC US factory driver back then..Over in Europe it was Renato Molinari.

Here is a mix of pictures from the Sacramento race that Jimbo McConnell won..I don´t know what happen to Renato.

Thanks and fredbear624 for the pictures.

You can see the the 1983 American F1-V8 tour on the back of the trailer..I raced in Minneapolis and Pittsburgh that year.

PS..Click on the pictures to make them bigger..!!

World famous Ziggy Bottle is installing  the 450 hp power head on Jimbos new Molinari boat.

Tom Posey..was also a very good US OMC factory driver.

Jimbo McConnells GMC Truck.


The new sponsor is installed..!!

Kathy McConnell..Jimbos wife..

Renato Molinaris Martini/Evinrude boat. He was using the same race # in Europe that year.

The 1983 Winner of the Sacramento F1-V8 race..Jimbo McConnell with “the Spirit of Sacramento”..

Update..Edit..Two more pictures..First is Allen Yaw and Ziggy Bottle

The Winner..F1-v8 Molinari/Spirit of Sacramento..Driver Jimbo McConnell Needles, CA.

Update July 5 2016.

Info from Cathy McConnell:

The photo of me above, is actually the day after the race. We were just getting ready to head for home. Since Jimbo won the race, we took an extra day and spent it around Lake Tahoe. That evening we celebrated with a steak dinner and a very large slice of “mile-high” pie !! YUMMY !!! Once we got home the “winnings” were used to build a bigger garage at our house. This photo is right after the win.

Winner 1983

Winner 1983 2

Winner 1983 3

 One more picture and info from Cathy McConnell today July 5 2016

One more for you, Lars.
Jimbo loved meeting the kids and signing autographs. This race was so special for us with such good memories. Who knew that two years later the same race would change our life forever. Sacramento was very good to us after the 1985 accident. Many nice people there to help me get through that time. Just as a note…….the 1983 race had the pits on the “other” side of the River in West Sacramento and the course was set up slightly up river from what it was in 1985 when the pits were on the Sacramento side of the River, and the course was set up between the Interstate Bridge and the Tower Bridge.

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