The OE class European Championship race in Denmark 1981.

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This is from the OE class European Championship race in Denmark 1981.
I raced my #1 Burgess/AKAI/Evinrude CC and a really tough fight with Ulrich Rochel in his #20 Burgess/Konig boxer 6 cylinder. After a weekend racing the 4 heats
and some technical issues for me Ulrich won and I came in second.
Micheal Werner in his Molinari/Merc was third.
John Hill in his #52 Burgess/Johnson was fourth but got disqualified.
Sorry for Danish only but picture and result is easy to understand.
The second picture is my boat in that race.
Thanks to Jorgen Jorgenson.

Windermere 1980.

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Bob Spalding driving the #11 Velden Racing/Carlsberg Beer to a OZ class record.
Using a Johnson V6 RS 3 liter looper with fuel injection.

“Probably the best driver in the world”

New cockpits help make powerboating safer sport.

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I got this yesterday from the Canadian boat racing champion and friend Mark Rotharmel. Mark raced the F1-V8 series also.
Thanks Mark very interesting reading from Montreal Gazette early 1985.
I like to add..Mercury did nothing at this time to improve tunnel boat safety. Only OMC, Chris Hodges and Cees Van Der Velden.

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