OMC V-8 hit’s the U.S. Pittsburgh 1982

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Three Rivers Regatta in Pittsburgh 1982.
This race was the first F1-V8 event in the U.S. and I was there watching.
I have never seen so many spectators and was told over 300,000..!!
The event was a great success and at the end of the weekend Renato Molinari took the big check to the bank Monday morning.
I went back to Europe and after a long meeting with George Lamy at OMC we had a deal for me to race the F1-V8 world series 1983 including the two U.S. races. (Minneapolis and Pittsburgh)

Jimbo McConnell in the #191 black Molinari did not make it the the end of the race.


Thanks Mark Spencer.

Volvo Penta should also purchase the Evinrude division from BRP.

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Volvo Penta should also purchase the Evinrude division from BRP.
Merge Seven Marine and Evinrude into one outboard brand.
Figure out the smartest and best name and Volvo Penta have a complete outboard lineup..
From 5 HP up to 627 HP and soon diesels.
I should get some commission out of this..!!

Volvo Penta becomes majority owner of innovative outboard motor manufacturer Seven Marine.

Facts about larger racing engines made by OMC in the seventies and eighties.

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Facts about larger racing engines made by OMC in the seventies and eighties.
This is a short history about all the amazing racing outboards OMC built during the prime time of tunnel boat racing.
Most of the OMC racing was done for the UIM ON  and OZ class.
ON was max 2 liter and OZ was over 2 liter..No limit to the size of cylinder volume.
1973 was the magic year when both OMC and Mercury introduced the V6 in the famous Paris race for the ON class
OMC purpose built this new two liter V6 from scratch. It was a cross flow design
and because of the two liter limit OMC could not just add two more cylinders to the famous Super Strangler/Stinger GP V4.
The Paris 6 hour race 1973  was a enormous success and OMC was first and second in the race.
The headlines was brutal for Team Mercury..
“Mercury annihilated”
Not sure how many 2 liter cross flow V6 engines OMC made but Scotti won the Bristol race 1974 with the same type of engine. Scotti below in his #7 Scotti/Evinrude V6
1975: Next engine was the new 2 liter looper V6  developed by OMC for the ON World Championship in Cardiff..
Cees van der Velden drove his new #1 Marlboro boat with the Johnson V6 to victory.
1976 OMC released the new V6 CCC This was a 2.448 liter cross flow engine and was based on the production powerhead with the same 2.448 liter
Renato Molinari and Bob Hering drove this engine to victory in Parker 9 hours 1977.
I raced this engine in Paris 1978
1978 OMC introduced the brand new purpose built 3 liter looper V6 with fuel injection.
This engine was also called CCC but a completely different animal from the first CCC
Cees van der Velden won the Paris 6 hour race with this engine 1979. Beating the Merc T4
Renato in the 165 OZ class Evinrude 3 liter V6 looper Fuel injection above.
1981.. OMC introduced the baddest of them all in Brodenbach, Germany. The new
purpose built 3.5 liter V8 looper. was not two more cylinders on top of the 3 liter above, then it should have been a 4 liter but the V8 was 3.5 liter.
There is much more coming about OMC race engines when I have time.
I did not bring up the Rotary this time..That engine was perfect for the OZ class but racing politics from Mercury wanted something else..
The most popular OMC race engine is the SST-45. At one point there was more than 500 SST-45 ready to race boats around.
Windermere 3 Hours GP 1973
Mike Downard/Tom Posey the overall winner in the #22 OZ class Scotti/Johnson Rotary.
Averaged speed close to 70 MPH over 3 hours including refueling and driver change.

Amsterdam 3 hours 1976
Alf Bullen the overall winner in his #6 OZ class Burgess/Johnson RS V6 2.448 liter Cross-flow.
Bristol 1972
James Beard the overall winner in his #6 ON class Cougar/Evinrude V4 1.632 liter cross-flow.


       Milan, Italy 1 Hour GP 1974 Peter Thorneywork the overall winner in the #8 ON class Milesmaster/Johnson V6 2 liter cross-flow.




Chasewater 1979. The OZ class UIM European Championship race.

This was an interesting race (I was there racing OE) and Billy Seebold was not allowed to race his Seebold/Long John/Merc T4.
Not because he was an American but Billy did not have a UIM license.
(A feud between APBA and UIM)
So Team Mercury put Roger Jenkins in the big bore Merc T4 Seebold-boat and race number 9 instead of 7.
Tom Percival drove the other Seebold/Long John/Merc T4.
At the end of the weekend Bob Spalding in his #11 Velden/Carlsberg/Johnson V6 RS
3 liter looper fuel injection was the big winner.
Beating the big bore Merc T4 and Team OMC was extremely happy.

This is another fact the Merc boys don’t remember..but this little Swede does..

Bristol 1980 was another big setback for Team Mercury and the T4 racing.

This is the headline:
No Gold at Mercury’s Final Rally.. Evinrude/Molinari wins in Bristol 1980
Seebold breaks down in last lap forfeiting win to Molinari.

Many Merc supporters always bring up Bristol 1982 when Billy Seebold won the OZ class with a smaller Merc V6 over the V8 drivers.
As always I was there and Renato Molinari was leading by a lot over Billy Seebold but broke down at the end and Seebold won..Yes I know you must finish to win..

Back to Bristol 1980 and Billy Seebold was leading the OZ class with the big bore T4 but broke down and Renato Molinari ended up winning the race with the smaller 3 liter looper fuel injection. So please remember this Merc fans when bringing up Bristol 1982.
Bristol 1980 was also Team Mercury’s last race for the T4 in the OZ class at that time. I am 100% sure the reason for Team Mercury to pull the plug on the T4 racing was the rumors was already out about OMC introducing the new V8 for the OZ class 1981. Team Mercury was now going to race ON max 2 liter and call the ON class Formula One.
(Merc came back with a modified T4 in the OZ class 1984)

Here is a link to exactly what happen in Bristol 1980 and the OMC advertising after the race. “Evinrude staying-power wins Embassy Grand Prix Pretty funny..!!…-bristol-1980/

Parker Enduro 1980
Another setback for Team Mercury.
Bob Spalding and Ken Stevenson drove the #201 OZ class Velden/Johnson V6 3 liter looper to victory. Beating the Merc/Mariner big bore T4.
Another victory for Team OMC with poor enginering according the Mercury supporters.

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