Paris 6 Hours 1978 was a very “big deal”.

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Paris 6 Hours 1978 was a very “big deal”.
Racing the brutal & mean Formula One OZ class in Paris 6 Hours was every race drivers dream.
Very few drivers have done this..
1978 was the year I got the opportunity.
Renato Molinari wanted Angelo Vassena of Italy and me to race his second Molinari/Saffa/Evinrude V6 CCC team boat in probably the toughest marathon race of them all.
Here is a link to this story..
The missing part from this race was good pictures of our #11 Molinari/Saffa/Evinrude V6 CCC.
Well.. I was scrolling around on Facebook a few month ago and there it was. Our #11 Molinari/Saffa/Evinrude V6 CCC boat on the cover of a German book.
Simone Schuft and Roman Chudo helped me out with copies and Roman mailed me the book.

Thank you very much.

The pictures are so good and you can clearly see the driver using a Swedish Öberg safety jacket and my Boeri helmet. After 39 years I finally found good pictures of me driving Formula One in the 1978 Paris race.
Another picture in this book shows me driving the #11 boat passing Erwin Zimmermann of Austria in his yellow/red Molinari/Johnson V6 RS entry on the inside.
This race was for me a very big thing. can also see Angelo Vassena standing on our #11 Molinari/Saffa boat in the line up for the start of the race. (last picture)
R.I.P. my friend.

F1-V8 Roger Jenkins flying high in Minneapolis 1983.

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Roger Jenkins in his #9 Burgess/Carlsberg/Evinrude V8 “takes off” in Minneapolis GP 1983. (Red X mark)
I was just behind in my #8 Burgess/Aspen / Evinrude V8 and missed Roger with a few feet. (Blue X mark)
One new picture by Nicola Mora after the crash. Not much left.
Thank you.

Marvin Catrett & Evolution Marine – High Performance OMC V6 and V8 engines.

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I meet Marvin Catrett the owner of Evolution Marine in Morgan City, Louisiana
1987 at a  Offshore race in Marathon.
Marvin was big into making lots of horse power out of stock OMC V8 production outboards.
If I remember right the Phase 4 modifications of the OMC V8 was the most powerful.
He supplied three of the Phase 4 V8 engines for a 38 ft Larry Smith built Scarab.
This boat was used as a pace boat and rescue boat at the Offshore races.
A ended up buying this boat and exported it to Patrick Rinne in Finland.
(Last picture)
Patrick raced the boat a few times in the Stockholm – Helsinki race 1988.
There was two Evolution Marine Scarab 38 built and rigged the same way.
Also a 43 ft with similar rigging.
Here is a mix of pictures.
In 1999 we traveled to Morgan City in our Motorhome home and parked at his house.
Marvin’s wife Donna made Cajun style crawfish and we had a very good time.
Thanks for all the fun memories Marvin.
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