My first Paris 6 Hours 1973 was a disaster..

Info about the Paris 6 Hour race here..
When I started racing one of my dreams was to win the World Famous Paris 6 hour race.
I heard all kind of stories how crazy that race was.
After I surprised the boat racing world by winning the SE European Championship race in Lappenranta, Finland 1973, OMC contacted me and offered to pay me to race Paris in October same year.

I was extremely  happy, and I picked Lorentz Näslund to be my co-pilot.
He was very helpful by building the refueling equipment. Lorentz also purchased  a new Dodge van to make it easier to travel. Dressed the van up with racing decals and more.

My friend Curre and Hans Holmen from Evinrude Sweden took the long ride from Sweden to Paris with us.. in the new van.
The French customs gave us a hard time, because I did not have a the right document to enter France with my racing boat called Carne ATA.
After many hours of arguments, they put all four of us in jail and I had to call the Swedish Embassy.
After a big fine  they let us go.

OMC back then booked more or less half of the Hilton Hotel, Paris next to the Eiffel tower.  Most people with race connections stayed there.
Finally in the pit.. and I got the extremely bad news..!!

My entry form for the race had arrived to late..!!!

The Race Chairman Mr. Blodinaire told me I could not race.
This was a big time screw up from the Swedish Power Boat Federation.
Jim Wagner from OMC tried to make my case, but Blodinaire was firm and I renamed him “Mr. Bloody Mary”
The problem was outside my control, because the Swedish Powerboat Federation was the reason for the late entry form..
No Paris 6 hour race in 1973 for us.
Lorentz and I was standing there in the pit watching the Bonvicini brothers from Italy win the race..
I know we was faster and better then them..but you don’t win a race on the trailer..
OMC still paid me and took care of everything.. even when I did not race.
Very nicely done, and thank you OMC
Below  is the Clerici/Evinrude SS we took to Paris.
Edit: In the first picture you can see my boat in the Paris pit but we was forced out..
Red arrow..

Ray Bulman reports on the Paris 6 hour. Photographs by Eric Coltham
Story: Ray Bulman..Photo Eric Coltman
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