Very happy with our Paris 6 Hour race 1974

Paris 6 hours 1974 was a way better year, and OMC offered me very good money to use my own boat in the race.

One setback..there was no more SE class..we where forced the race the OE class with my SE rig.. and what a race.
Mr. Bladinare and all his officials talked French at the drivers meeting..most racers did not speak French but I guess that’s the way they do it..!!
Sunday 11.00 AM firm was the start and all the 80 boats was lined up at the river Seine concrete sea wall..
The start was real tricky..easy to end the race the first 400 feet..on this two point lay out race course..4.7 km long.
The two turning points was made out of steel and concrete..and you do not want the hit one of them.
My first few laps was nice and smooth..but then the river Seine turned in to a night mare and full of debris…
It was hard to keep up with the real OE boats but I did pretty good in the first hour
The plan was to do the fuel stop and change driver after 1.5 hour..
This was also the year when OMC was racing the Rotary outboards and they where flying around the race course..I never forget the sound from does machines..
I did see when Cesare Scotti crashed in to the bridge..but did not know at that time how bad it was.
Sadly Cesari Scotti lost his life.
Everything in our first Paris 6 hours went according to plan..and we ended up third
when the race was over 5 PM..
The two boats in front of as was OE boats and Roger Jenkins was the OE winner..
The awards party at the Paris Hilton was very proper and I was so happy for the
This was a very good experience and the plan was to do it the same way 1975..
but with faster race equipment..
We are somewhere in all the pictures below..
Result says Holmen as a co-pilot but that is wrong..Lorentz Näslund was my co-pilot.
Pretty close to finished second..(Click on the result/picture to make them bigger)
This is a few minutes before the start of my first Paris 6 Hours 1974..My heart was picking pretty fast..!!
Evinrude Rotary Racing Outboards and Mercurys first T-3 outboard in Paris 6 Hours 1974..
Entry list Paris 6 hours 1974
The Briggs brothers run in to trubble late in the race..!!
Picture: Winrace, Norway. Thank you.
Some parts to save from the # 30 boat..
Woods/Jimbo’s  Scotti/Evinrude Rotary #03  boat with the 14/23 gearcase. Nice propeller.
Cesare Scotti and his # 29 boat before the start in Paris 1974.
ON Paris 1974
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