1974 was a very good year for my SE Class Racing

Huzells/Evinrude bought me a new SE Clerici Cat and OMC Belgium gave me free engines.

My best memories is from Evian, France where I defended my SE European championship.
Over 40 boats in this race, the SE class was very popular in the mid seventy’s.

The Italian drivers was still upset from the year before when I “stole” the race in Finland so they teamed up to try to run me over in every start.
My new Clerici boat and the way I could fly it, was perfect for this 2 point race course, two mile long.
(Jim Wagner told me I was way faster then the OMC Factory OE boats).

Normally a race was 4 heat and 3 of them counts, and the big Lake Geneva was very ruff.
In the final heat when I was up front, one of the Italian drivers slowed down waiting for me to lap him and then he
hit my boat on purpose in the turn, but I was lucky to bring it home in first place.

On top of that, the top Italian drivers ended up disqualified for not legal modifications to the engines.
The final result with me as the Champ was ready 4 AM Monday morning with very angry and upset Bonvicini brothers from Italy.

Earlier that year one of my sponsors Melins Motor made very nice stickers with a picture of my boat saying I was the 1973 European Champion, but they never told me that the printing office made a mistake, putting year 1974 on the first set of stickers so in the pit area after the race, they put a new sticker on my boat saying
I was the 1974 European Champion and that made the Italians even more upset!!!!
I never told them the true story about the sticker screw up.

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Evian 74 1 Evian 74 2

1974 0 1974 1 1974 2 1974 3 1974 4

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