Evinrude Racing pictures over the years

Bo Nilsson of Sweden and his  #6 Gardin/Evinrude CC  in Brodenbach, Germany 1977

Factory pilot Jimbo McConnell (left) and one of the two Briggs brothers..1975

Lennart Ström #21..Our dad Roland´s Karlbergs coffee business  is the main sponsor..I can also see the  Lasse Ström Marin logo back on the boat. 1982

My very good Italian friend Angelo Vassena #29  and his Molinari/Evinrude CC OE boat..1977

Renato Molinari #2 Evinrude V-6 CCC 3 liter.  Bristol 1979

Christian Jansson took his W-19 cat with an older Evinrude V-6 Intruder to a “Roslagslopps”-victory in W-150.. Year 2008

Cesare Scotti  #7 raced to an overall win in Bristol 1974..His Scotti boat was powered with a 2 liter Evinrude V-6.

Mike Reagan and Angelo Vassena #18 Larry Smith Scarab 3 X Evinrude F1-V8 engines..Key West 1984

Bertil Wik #12  raced the F1-V8 series 1985..He won the Belgium GP the same year driving for Team Hodges.

# 68 ..Before Fred  left for Mercury Racing..!!

The Super Molinari Monster #18 ..Renato in the Unlimited Hydroplane class with his own outboard boat 2 X Evinrude F1-V8 engines..Maybe 1984

Thomas and Annika Wrenkler..#B-61..2012 Offshore 3B  World Champions

Roger Jenkins # 56 Clerici/Evinrude 65 SS 1973

Jimbo McConnell # 14 Scotti/Evinrude V-6 2 liter Bristol 1974

Lennart Strom # 21 Mecman/Burgess/Evinrude F3  London Vicktoria Docks 1986..and yes..Lennart won the race.

The overall winner of Rouen 24 Hours race 2006..

Twister Cat # W-193 ..Evinrude E-Tec 150  H.O. Nynäs Offshore- race in Sweden 2012. .

Linus “Poxy” Johnson  Z- 70 Winner of the V-150 class Roslagsloppet Offshore Race 2012. Evinrude E-Tec 150 H.O.

Bob Hering / Renato Molinari..1977 Parker 9 Hours Enduro

Alf Bullen 1976 Boat # 6 Evinrude V-6 2 liter.

Renato Molinari 1979 Evinrude V-6 3 liter Looper.

Tim Briggs 1974 Boat #3

Barry Woods Boat #35 ..Evinrude Rotary

Barry Woods Boat #35 Evinrude V-6

Paris Six Hours 1970.. the Swede “Uffe Backman” Boat # 24


Jimbo McConnell Boat #191 Scotti/Evinrude Rotary

Thanks Autoshotcar..more pictures here..http://autoshotcar.com/boat_gallery/boat.php?Qwd=./BOA-33-809&Qif=BOA-33_10.jpg&Qiv=thumbs&Qis=L





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