Why some car dealers have a bad reputation..(this is one of many reasons).

PGA Village-Verano, Florida  March 1  2012.
I have purchased lots of new cars from Maroone-AutoNation over the years.
Monday Feb.27 2012 I stopped at Maroone Chevy in Delray Beach to look at a used  Corvette 2009.
My friend Peter Hafstom was also present
The car had a big sign “One Owner” and certified warranty.
The salesman Ronald Shapiro was friendly..I looked at the Carfax history and it said Chevy Malibu..??
Wrong Carfax for that car.
Finally the right Carfax came and it was a two owner car… not one..
Manager Jeremy Hamilton came out and was pretty nice at that time.. He was sorry for the “One Owner” mistake..
I make you a good deal he said. The advertised price was $36,991.00
OK..but my plan was to first look at a used Cadillac XLR and then get back to Mr. Hamilton.
I called him the day after and was now told the price was firm..market based he said.
Later the salesman Mr. Shapiro called and asked if I was ready to buy.
Well..not yet..and I was promised a better cash deal.!!
Now Mr. Hamliton called and told me he take $800.00 off the asking price.
Well..no thanks.. your extra dealer fee is $ 599.00..
Yesterday morning  (Wednesday Feb. 29) Peter and I stopped by again..There was more car managers at the dealer ship then Chevy Corvettes for sale..
Was told again.. no better deal.
Stopped by on my way back home and said.. I buy the car right now for $ 34,000 plus the dealer fee 599..
No way.. was the answer from Sales Manager  Jeremy Hamilton..
Drove 2 hours back home and got a phone call from Sales Manager Jeremy Hamilton…!!
We have a deal.. he accepted my offer for $ 34,000..00 + 599 dealer fee..
Well..then he said..you must come back tonight..!!
There was no way for me to be there before they close..
 but I can be at the dealer ship early Thursday  morning and pay the car in full..!!
OK.. Mr. Hamilton said..I call you back Thursday morning March 1..
No call today (Thurday) and I called Mr. Hamilton.. Asked why he did not call me, as promised..
I like his answer.. He did not have my phone number..!!!
After that he said I can not sell you the car today for 34,000.00 plus dealer fee..the price today is $35,991.00..!!
I got pretty upset and instead of saying something really bad I just hung up the phone..
Later I called the Maroone dealership and asked for the General Manager  Mr. Humel..but he was not available and did not call me back.
Buying cars is always a hassle but this was for me a new twist..
I think my AutoNation stocks is for sale..!!
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